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Matt Stroble, Mike Sorensen, Pat Hooper, Mark Beck, Jim Hoge





A Stephen MInistry Parish


Knights of Columbus


We are pleased to have you here and hope that you will visit often.  If you are a registered member of our parish, please consider joining our site so that we can keep you updated with e-mails regarding parish events along with other information from time to time.

We also encourage parishioners and others who live in our immediate area to consider patronizing our advertisers when possible.  They pay for the cost of the ongoing website.  We know they will be grateful for your business.

Stewardship Prayer
My parish is composed of people like me.
I help make it what it is.

It will be friendly, if I am.
Its pews will be filled, if I help fill them.
It will do great work, if I work.
It will be prayerful, if I pray.
It will make many generous gifts to many causes if I am a generous giver.

It will bring others into its worship, if I invite and bring them.
It will be a parish of loyalty and love, of fearlessness and faith,
of compassion, charity, and mercy,
if I, who make it what it is, am filled with these same things.

Therefore, with the help of God, I now dedicate myself to the task
of being all the things that I want my parish to be.


Mission Statement
We are the People of God, a parish of brothers and sisters, Baptized in Jesus Christ and united in the Eucharist.
We strive to follow Jesus Christ the evangelizer of the poor.

Because the Eucharist is the font and source of our lives, We consciously commit ourselves to build and nourish,
A community to worship God and serve each other.

We express our worship and our calling, By living as a People for the Poor in an active and practical manner, Inspired by the charism of Saint Vincent De Paul.
With St. Catherine Laboure as our patroness, We commit to a dedicated love of Mary, the mother of Jesus.





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Saturday  5:00 pm
Sunday 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:30 am 
Youth Mass at Noon

 Weekdays M-F 6:30am and 8:15am
Saturday Only 8:15am 

  Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturdays 3:45—4:45 pm

Eucharistic Adoration
 24/7 in Adoration Chapel 

Parish Office Hours